Previous videos featuring music by Christ.

As AR (Augmented Reality) is emerging, art will find new territories in the public space for those who are willing to see it. e.g. Graffiti paintings, which in most cases are considered an illegal act can be viewed in various environments without bothering people who don’t appreciate it.
This video presents nine dynamic paintings with three different contexts: Urban, Organic and Nature.

music by Christ – Odyssey 31 from the album “Distance Lends Enchantment to the View”

In YUKI a robot tree and two children are interacting in a snowy landscape and it is hard to tell which one controls who and whether it is a game or a drill.
It is inspired by Ocean D. Howells pamphlet “in the playground of Technological Singularity.”

Featuring music by Scottish electronica artist Christ.
“One sunny cloudy day” from Vernor Vinge EP


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